Target Markets


There were six main target markets defined as target markets for a domestic traveller to Queensland. Of these, two were selected as primary segments for Tropical North Queensland. These are:-

Social Fun Seekers

Social Fun-seekers make up 25% of the domestic holiday market. It’s the second largest segment, with 3.75 million Australians. Social Fun-seekers look for lots of activity and plenty of people to share the fun with. They’re always seeking new destinations, and will often look overseas.


Connectors is by far the largest segment. It makes up 32% of the domestic holiday market, that’s 4.8 million consumers. For Connectors, holidays are about bonding with family and friends. This segment is the most likely to holiday in their home state and drive to their destination.


From an international perspective, we need to look at conventional geographical market segments. These target markets are very defined and have been determined over a number of years by wholesaler feedback, in market trips and and general visitation to the region. These markets are:

UK and European Visitors

For the UK and European visitors, the target market centres very much around travellers self driving into the region either with overnight stays or just as day touring out of the main centre of Cairns. The main draw cards are again the scenery, the waterfalls and the ability to see what they perceive as the real Australia.


The Japanese market is broken down into two target segments. Day Touring and Student Education. In the visitation section it is very obvious to see the number of Japanese operators coming into the region on a daily basis, while the Education market centres around the Japanese student is again a very well defined target market.


For more details information about Atherton Tablelands target markets and segmentation strategy visit the Tourism Events Queensland website.

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